Company success depends not only on the capacity in individuating customer expectations and quickly producing goods to satisfy expectations, but also on maximization of the cost efficiency of the good.

A balanced product portfolio consistent with the needs of Italian or foreign market is something that just few companies can boast.

Market research is the main source for the development of new resources and for the enhancement of the existing resources.

Comunikare S.r.l. conducts surveys for companies in various sectors; many of them satisfactorily succeeded in launching products. Others companies, thanks to our surveys, came to know that their new product or service did not have the requirements to successfully hit the market, so they avoided to go down on the wrong track.

The best way to recognize new products or services to launch on the market is a careful analysis of current and potential customer needs, in order to discover new ideas and solutions capable of meeting the needs of the target segment.

There exist specific techniques of market survey for the various phases of the launch of a product or service, but there is not a standardized technique of market survey for new products.

Every new product has its own specificity, so that it needs a customized market survey technique.

Market surveys are not only a source for new product or service ideas, but also allow to assess the potential of a product, greatly reducing the business risk.

Comunikare S.r.l. follows the international strategic marketing phases:

1. Distinguish the product or service
The first step is about assessing the value of the product and its market niche.

2. Drawing the attention
To be sold, the product has to attract the attention of the market.

3. Create a relevant message
Packaging and label are the product ID card: the consumer needs to know clearly what the product is.

4. Create a clear and concise message
The message has to be brief, incisive and concise.

5. Need/Desire
The product has to satisfy an existing or a rising need.

6. Show the strengths
The strengths of the product have to be shown in a clear and inviting way.

7. Reliability
Packaging and advertisement can virtually say anything, but the consumer must believe in what he reads, and the product has to be worth the expense.

8. Acceptable weaknesses
Every product has its own weaknesses that have to be identified and presented in advance, before the consumer spot them.

9. Availability
The product has to be visible and available.

10. Acceptable cost
Each consumer should feel comfortable with the price of the product.

11. The promise of a result
After the advertising campaign, the product must fulfill the promise.

12. Loyalty of the product
A lot of companies have just one successful product and have to establish confidence and loyalty in order to be competitive. Create a durably reliable product will consent the consumer to familiarize with the new name of the brand.