Comunicare S.r.l. sets up a real economic bridge between Italy and Germany and gives you grounds for knowing the economic German structure in order to start a business in Germany.

Germany is the first country of origin of foreign tourists in Italy. In 2015 the number of German tourists in Italy broke all records, over 10.3 million (+ 1.6%)

Germany and Italy share an economic structure that focuses on manufacturing highly export-oriented. The summary data provided annually by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs show the extraordinary vitality of the Italian-German economic relations and their strong growth potential, both in commercial terms and industrial collaboration.

Relevant are direct investments in both countries and very consolidated the subcontracting relationships. According to the latest available data, it is estimated that the investing German companies or Italian subsidiaries are about 1900, employing 81,000 people and generating a turnover of about 50 million. Whereas companies in Italy with German capital are almost 1800, employing a total of about 125,000 employees, with a turnover of over 57 million euros per year.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are a driving force in Germany and learning more about the diversity of the German economic structure results crucial at present. In order to learn more about business opportunities in the heart of Europe, Comunikare S.r.l. offers a support of experienced consultants.

Importers in Germany have no need of import permit or declaration of import control. This applies to the residents, natural persons resident in Germany as well as legal persons or partnerships with registered office in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. On some products import duties are applied, which in recent years have been steadily reduced.

Some goods, such as agricultural products, food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, are subject to certain import restrictions. In these cases, import licenses and surveillance documents should be obtained to import into Germany.


Like any other country Germany has entry rules requiring different types of visas and permits. Which one is necessary to start a business in Germany? And most importantly, how can it be obtained?

Comunikare S.r.l. can be consulted both in case you are companies established within the EU or external to EU.

Any entrepreneur willing to start a business in Germany should know the restrictions limiting the establishment of new companies. Which steps are necessary to establish a new business in Germany?

You will be helped by choosing the ideal legal form for a business in Germany.


The most difficult issue in an internationalization process is understanding the potential economic performance in the German market. This question can be perceived, of course, as a secondary issue, but it is essential before making big investments such as exhibitions or new commercial locations etc., to have a clear idea of ​​what level of results are attainable.

We’ve summarized on this page some questions and answers.

Why do you need to invest in a market research in Germany?

Because the German market is not the Italian market. There are specific competitors, consumption levels and different needs. The distribution structures are different. Preventive and professional analysis of the market is critical to make the right choices in the internationalization process.

What type of market research can be turned on the German market?

We identify four areas of market analysis depending on the objective:

Competition: what are the competitors for my product or service in Germany? Are they the same that operate on other sectors or are they specific figures?

Price: the sales prices on the German market are the same, or you can, with appropriate marketing and promotional activities to achieve a higher target. For example, products like Italian food on the German market is sold at much higher prices to specialized channels, thanks to additional marketing activities and more intense development.

Distribution structures: the products reach the final consumer with exactly the same distribution structures we know in Italy or there are different realities?

Product Compatibility: is my product compatible with the needs of the German market?

Is a market research limited to the analysis of economic data?

Never. Our market research has operational analysis. Our bilingual staff always come into contact with the potential customers in Germany and giving in-depth interviews with buyers and opinion makers identifying the most effective solutions for you.