Comunicare S.r.l. assists international clients by the establishment of commercial companies in Italy, not only identifying which type of legal society is more close to customer needs and his commercial activities, but also partnering with clients in all legal and bureaucratic steps.

Examples of Italian commercial companies:

Società a responsabilità limitata S.r.l.: it is a type of corporation with legal personality and meets social obligations only in the limits of the quotas contributed by each member. It’s a business model suitable for small but solid business.

Società per azioni S.p.a.: it is the classic model for the big corporation and has legal personality. The capital is divided into shares and the liability is limited to the share capital.

Società in nome collettivo S.n.c.: this is a type of partnership in which all partners are jointly liable and without limit for the social obligations. It normally results suitable for commercial activities from small to medium size. It is required to register in the register of companies, keep the accounting records and it can be subject to bankruptcy proceedings.