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Espresso Wine


The excellent quality of Italian wine in a single-serve glass (187ml capacity).

Wine is preserved in a protective atmosphere and this wine glass is made from PET, hermetically sealed with a technology patented at an international level, without using any kind of glue.

Wine remains unaltered until consumption to maintain its organoleptic properties.

Winexpress is a product designed to create wonder, curiosity and innovation in a traditionalist market, as well as the wine market sometimes becomes. This fresh and new concept is meant to meet consumers’ new drinking habits, introducing the ideas of practicality, recyclability and portability in a way never seen before in the wine sector.

The increasing demand for single-serve solutions finds an answer in our product.

Easy-to-use, hygienic, made only with great Italian wine, Winexpress glass has met a truly positive market response so far. It is the right dose of wine to be enjoyed at mealtime, avoiding waste and excess and lets you drink fresh wine every time as if you have just uncorked a new bottle.

The container is unbreakable and made of 100% recyclable PET.

The quality wine is finally not only for wine snobs, but take-away and for everyone (over the legal drinking age!). Winexpress introduces people to the right wine culture, in easy way with a ready-to-drink wine beverage, suitable for bars, restaurants, canteens, hotels, catering, transports, cultural and sport events, and it fits the contemporary lifestyle.

Why Winexpress?

• Single dose format ideal to be safe in terms of alcohol test *

• Resealable: easy, even to take away when it opened
• With a wide selection of wines

• No large investments: minimum order is a few products with a large margin of profit
* Not guaranteed: subjected to variations depending on age, weight, sex, and other personal parameters

• It can be sold during alcohol ban time and during stages, festivals, fairs, concerts, events

• The wine’s quality is the highest and PGI

• It’s an object to be collected

• It boasts a wide range of 100% Italian wines*

*on request more then 40 typologies of wine are available

MOQ can starts from 0,78 € per piece!

• 2016 Limited Editions: wine glasses with particular graphics will be proposed in a limited edition for collectors

• Personalization of glasses without any extra charge


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