Comunicare Srl.l provides advice and assistance to Italian and foreign companies wishing to start economic relations with China.

It’s of fundamental importance to protect a brand to be exported. Same protection should be given to all those products that run on samples in Italy, and then are sent to China to start production by Chinese manufacturing companies.

Therefore, both in the case of Made in Italy and Chinese production conceived in Italy, these products must be necessarily protected with the copyright (procedure that in China is legally provided) so that they won’t be reproduced, copied or counterfeited.

Comunicare S.r.l. has been offering for years this type of services to its partners, taking care of all the phases necessary to register a copyright, from the preliminary research of similar products, until submission of a complete application in all the bureaucratic and legal steps to get the patent and related intellectual property of the product.

This protection will allow the Italian company to have a protection of the product or idea in China for ten years, with the same European and international legal protections.

Of course Comunikare S.r.l. is also able to record web-sites and domains with different extensions necessary to the Chinese market (.cn,, .asia).