Comunikare S.r.l. performs customized searches of potential customers and suppliers in China. The researches are carried out thanks to the Chinese Subsidiary, directly.

Each search is performed according to the plans agreed with the client, and developed in all the commercial aspects with partners in China.

Examples of services offered:


∗ Acquisition of general information on the area of ​​interest in China

∗ Acquisition of location information of the potential customers and/or suppliers in China

∗ Collection of information relating to Chinese trade shows

∗ Participation in trade fairs in China to upgrade customers directly

∗ Chinese customer-service with shipment of samples, projects, information material

∗ Sales support with interpreters on site

∗ Feasibility study for a possible direct presence in China with a representative office on site

∗ Customer support in the business correspondence thanks to our employees in China

∗ Contractual assistance, pre and post shipping, assistance of export practices, payments and orders

∗ Periodic visits to Chinese customers thanks to resident staff on site