Comunikare S.r.l., in accordance with the needs of the market, buys from and proposes to international customers: stocks, inventories, ends-of-series and failure stocks.

Quality stocks of different sizes are usually bought and proposed with market prices considered as valid.

Purchases are assessed on the basis of product price convenience and at the best value for money ratio. Some available stocks are presented in this website and on the Comunikare S.r.l. Facebook page.

A batch can often be purchased and sold in a few minutes, so if you are interested we suggest you to call immediately our sales office, because sending an e-mail may lengthen the time to clinch the deal.

At the time of purchase we ask for a down payment in order to clinch the deal.

Stocks can vary from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of pieces. A big stock certainly has a more convenient price, but as it is a block purchasing there is not possibility to choose.

Our prices may vary according to the type and the quantity of the goods.

We always trade new articles, not refurbished, not used, only made in Italy or branded and produced abroad.