Over years of consulting, Comunikare S.r.l. has been developing a strong network of professional translators and interpreters from English, German, French and Chinese.

We deliver translations meeting the needs of our customers about delivery times, terminology, price-quality ratio and translation customization. We work with specialized translators, in order to better meet the most demanding needs and deliver timely our translations.

In order to communicate effectively with clients and suppliers from different countries, we do not rely on external agencies but only on our team.

Together with the client, we study the characteristics of the event so that we can choose the most suitable kind of interpreting service.

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Type of interpreting offered:

1. Consecutive: it is the alternative to the simultaneous interpreting for conferences with a wide availability of time for the intervention of the speakers and relative translation. During the speaking the interpreter takes notes and either partially translates at intervals or gives a summary at the end of the speech. In the business context this kind of interpreting is used for for business tours or visits.

2. Chuchotage: this method is a simultaneous translation whispered directly into the ear of the listener without the use of simultaneous equipment. It can be carried out at best for a maximum of three users.

3. Liaison interpreting: ideal for business meetings with foreign counterparts where the interpreter translates comments, questions and answers as soon as they are formulated, from and to the client’s language.

4. Interpreters for guided tours: this is a simultaneous translation service carried out using a microphone for the interpreter and headsets for the listeners; it is ideal for guided company tours.

5. Interpreters for business trips in Italy and abroad: an interpreter can accompany you round the clock to maximize your time or readily facilitate business dealings with a foreign counterpart during a business trip.

6. Interpreting via Skype for business negotiation at a distance with a foreign counterpart. A time and place for the virtual meeting can be arranged with considerable saving of time and travel expenses.

7. Hostesses for Trade Fairs: to enable clients to maximize the results of the presence at trade fairs, we can select highly qualified personnel for you.

Comunikare S.r.l. is able to give Italian companies assistance in receiving visits by Chinese or European delegations, offering reliable and experienced translators.

Our interpreters help Italian companies during the entire duration of the business travels, for logistic and organizational solutions and for negotiations with the client or supplier.